What am I doing?

I am a Lecturer of Rhetoric and Composition at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley in Northern California, a geographical center for technological change. I incorporate digital rhetorical pedagogies into the many courses I teach, including first-year composition (FYC) and advanced writing courses, such as “Internet Culture and Information Society,” “Intro to Rhetorical Theory,” and “Engineering Communications.”

Engaging & Inspiring Students

I am a dynamic, engaging, and passionate college writing professor. Inspiring students is a key part of my career. In recent formal evaluations, students described my class in this way: “[Professor Coad] engages everyone, which is hard to do.” I am an active and engaging teacher with creative lessons that inspire students to reframe their (often negative) ideas about writing and critical thinking. All around, I am thrilled to be actively developing dynamic, compassionate ways of teaching, while also having the opportunity to curate the dynamic ideas of others in Michal Reznizki and my upcoming book, Dynamic Activities for First-Year Composition.

I’ve built impactful approaches to teaching college English classes during the past 12 years of teaching experience. In that time, I have taught at community colleges, the state universities, small liberal arts colleges, and research institutions. I have learned to value having compassion on students from a wide variety of backgrounds while helping them grow and achieve tremendous things.

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