Here’s What I’m Doing

I teach English composition at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley in Northern California. I also work as an instructional designer, and I research and write about writing and the teaching of writing.

I have a PhD in education and an MA in English, with over 10 years of teaching experience in higher education.

I’m an engaging teacher and communicator. My students leave my class with an entirely new relationship with writing. In recent formal evaluations, students describe me as

  • “awesome”
  • “fun”
  • “[Professor Coad] engages everyone, which is hard to do.”

I am an active and engaging teacher with creative lessons that inspire students to reframe their (often negative) ideas about writing and critical thinking. In my classroom, I also focus on 21st-century literacies and educational approaches, including using digital and multimodal projects to teach audience awareness, for instance.

I’ve built this unique approach to teaching college English classes during the past decade of teaching experience. In that time, I have taught at community colleges, the state schools, small liberal arts colleges, and at research institutions.

I’m a creative & thoughtful collaborator. I deeply value collaboration and connection. During my doctoral studies, I was known by my peers as an excellent networker. In my current teaching position, I am a deeply engaged faculty member, participating in the Student Equity and Success Council and other initiatives on campus. I also have experience coordinating social media accounts and editing and developing online content for the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.

I have expertise in Writing Studies and in educational research. In 2019, I earned a PhD from UC Davis in education with an emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies. My dissertation examined social media’s role in instructors’ college writing classrooms. I demonstrated through systematic quantitative research that social media is not a haphazard add-on to teaching writing in college classrooms, but that it can change the way teachers and students understand and experience writing.

Please reach out! If you have any ideas about how you and I could collaborate, please (!) shoot me an email (davidtcoad at gmail dot com) or a tweet (@dcoad). I’d love to hear from you!