Ph.D. Education: Emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies (July 2019)
University of California, Davis (Davis, CA)

Dissertation: “Teaching Rhetorical Strategies Through Social Media: A Qualitative Study of First-Year Composition Instructors and Students”

Committee: Carl W. Whithaus (Chair), Cynthia Carter Ching, and Amber M. Buck

M.A. English: Emphasis in Composition Studies (December 2013)
San José State University (San José, CA)

B.A. English: Emphasis in Shakespeare (June 2010)
Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA)


Coad, David T. (September 2017). “‘That’s My Face to the Whole Field!” Graduate Students’ Professional Identity-Building through Twitter at a Writing Studies Conference” Computers and Composition, 45.

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Coad, David T. (May 2014). Review of Social Media: Usage and Impact. Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy, 19.1.


National Fellowship Graduate Fellow, Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative. University of Michigan. $500. (2016-2017) University of California, Davis, Graduate Group in Education

Doctoral Fellowships. $11,000. (2016 and 2013) Research Expense Fellowships. $1550. (2017 and 2015) Conference Travel Fellowships. $1720. (2017 and 2015)

University of California, Davis, University Writing Program Conference Travel Awards. $2800. (2017, 2015, and 2014) University of California, Davis, Humanities Institute

Rhetoric@Davis Speaker Series Funding. With Rebecca Kling, Chris Thaiss, and Michele Zugnoni. $5000. (2015-2016)

Rhetoric@Davis Speaker Series Funding. With Jenae Cohn and Chris Thiass. $2000. (2014-2015)


“Using Social Media to Teach Diversity: A Qualitative Case Study.” The University of California Writing Program Conference. Merced, California. November 2018.

“A Pedagogy of Sociality: Building a More Nuanced Understanding of Social Media in First-Year Composition.” Computers and Writing Conference. Findlay, Ohio. June 2017.

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“Social Media as Composition: A Qualitative Study of Social Media in FYC.” Research Network Forum at the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Portland, Oregon. March 2017.

“The Composition of Social Media: Perspectives on Students’ Informal Digital Writing.” With Aaron Lanser and DJ Quinn. UC [the University of California system] Writing Conference. Santa Barbara, California. October 2016.

“Tweeting to Connect: Graduate Students’ Professional Identity- and Community-Building and How WPAs Can Help.” The Council of Writing Program Administrators. Raleigh, North Carolina. July 2016.

“Dual Identities as Digital Literacies: Student-Writer, Student-Teacher, and Teacher-Interface.” Computers and Writing Conference. Menomonie, Wisconsin. May 2015.
September 2019

“Tweets that Disrupt: The Rhetorical Risk and Reward of Participating in Twitter at Writing Studies Conferences.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Tampa, Florida. Forthcoming March 2015.

“Responding in a Participatory Culture: Audience Awareness in Parodies to Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’.” Graduate Research Network at the Computers and Writing Conference. Pullman, Washington. June 2014.

“Opening the Door to Multimodal Composition: Teaching the Transference of Rhetorical Skills from Social Media to Multimodal Projects.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Indianapolis, Indiana. March 2014.

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“Using for UWP 1 Portfolios.” UWP 392 (UWP 1 Instructor Training Practicum), University of California, Davis. November 2014.

“Introduction to Multimodality and My Experience at DMAC.” English 259: Composition Studies at San José State University, California. November 2012.

“What is Multimodal Composition and How Can I Use It in My Classroom?” Faculty Professional Development and Training, San José State University, California. August 2012.

“Using Facebook Critically in the Classroom.” English 105: Writing in Electronic Environments at San José State University, California. February 2012.


Solano Community College (2018-Present, 4 semesters): Adjunct Faculty, English Department

College Composition (2 semesters)
• Taught a diverse student population to practice college-level writing strategies
• Met students where they were: showed compassion while establishing clear rules and goals

Critical Thinking and Writing about Literature (2 semesters)
• Taught students how to build literary arguments in culturally diverse literature
• Helped students gain confidence in their ability to read and analyze complex literature

Critical Thinking and Composition: Language in Context (2 semester)
• Emphasized critical thinking about technology through analysis of media we see everyday
• Taught students to break down arguments into their pieces to better understand them

University of California, Davis (2013-2018, 15 quarters): Instructor and Teaching Assistant, University Writing Program

Expository Writing (Instructor, 5 quarters)
• Worked with large ELL student populations to expand language skills and rhetorical skills
• Arranged course content to meet programmatic learning outcomes and meet students’ needs

Expository Writing—Hybrid Version (Instructor, 6 quarters)
• Designed and implemented online activities in multiple learning management systems
• Used a variety of technologies in-class and between classes to enhance student learning
Writing and Visual Rhetoric (Teaching Assistant, 4 quarters)
• Led lively activities, discussions, and lectures on the rhetoric of visual media
• Worked with students to develop strong analytical writing and media-rich visual projects

San José State University (2010-2013, 6 semesters): Instructor, English Department, and Writing Coach, Language Development Center

Composition I (2 semesters)
• Developed and taught for this introductory writing course for first-year students
• Taught various genres including personal essays, problem essays, and reflective writing

Composition II (2 semesters)
• Developed and taught this second-semester composition course for first-year students
• Taught and scaffolded research papers, including library research and source integration

Activity Section for Academic English 1 and 2 (4 semesters)
• Worked closely with several students who won the most-improved award from the program
• Helped students understand their writing, rather than merely correcting it for them


National Service

Reviewer, Computers and Composition (2019)
• Gave feedback and recommendations on manuscripts for this top-tier academic journal

Reviewer, Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, PraxisWiki (2015-2018)
• Gave feedback on media-rich scholarly articles on topics related to composition pedagogy
• Recommended articles for publication or for revise and resubmit

Reviewer, Computers and Writing Conference and Proceedings (2016-2018)
• Gave feedback on proposals to speak at the national Computers and Writing conference
• Rated and recommended speakers for acceptance

Departmental Service

Co-Chair, Composition Graduate Program Workshop Series (2016-2018)
• Coordinated events for the students and faculty of this doctoral program at UC Davis
• Led workshops and invited and coordinated faculty giving workshops for doctoral students

Co-Chair, Rhetoric@Davis Speaker Series (2014-2016)
• Collaborated with a committees, departments, and campuses to invite speakers to UC Davis
• Managed all details of speakers’ visits, including schedule, reservations, and advertising

Co-Chair, Education Graduate Student Association (2014-2015)
• Directed the graduate student leadership board for the UC Davis School of Education
• Coordinated relations between the Education student body and the School of Education

Member, Composition Committee (Spring semester 2013)
• Served on San Jose State’s Composition Committee as the graduate student representative
• Discussed impactful issues such as departmental final exam prompts


• Writing Program Administration
• Social Justice in Education
• Second Language Writing
• Use and Misuse of Standardized Tests
• Response to Culturally Diverse Literature
• Theory of Composition Pedagogy
• Rhetoric and Technology
• Qualitative Research Methodology
• Interview Methodologies


Teaching for Equity (T4E) Training. Solano Community College, Fall 2019.
• Read equity-related books and discussed implementation with colleagues.
• Reflected on my own pedagogy and how to improve its equity focus.

Kathy Yancey’s Teaching for Transfer Institute. Council of Writing Program Administrators, July 2016
• Intensive institute on how to teach writing skills in a way that helps students transfer their skills to other classes and contexts.

Dana Ferris’s ESL Boot Camp. UC Davis, September 2014.
• Intensive workshop aimed at developing skills for teaching ESL students in writing classes.

Cynthia Selfe’s Digital Media and Composition Institute (DMAC). Ohio State University, June 2012.
• An intensive workshop on how to teach composition and develop composition programs with digital media components.