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Ph.D. Education, designated emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies (expected June 2018)
University of California, Davis
Dissertation: “Social Media as Composition: A Qualitative Study of First-Year Composition Instructors and Their Students”
Dissertation Committee: Carl Whithaus (chair), Cynthia Carter Ching, Amber M. Buck (University of Alabama)

M.A. English, unofficial emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition (2013)
San José State University

B.A. English, emphasis in Shakespeare (2010)
Santa Clara University


Peer-Reviewed Articles and Webtexts

Book Review

National Conference Presentations

“A Pedagogy of Sociality: Building a More Nuanced Understanding of Social Media in First-Year Composition.” Computers and Writing Conference. Findlay, Ohio. June 2017.

 “Tweeting to Connect: Graduate Students’ Professional Identity- and Community-Building and How WPAs Can Help.” The Council of Writing Program Administrators. Raleigh, North Carolina. July 2016.

“Dual Identities as Digital Literacies: Student-Writer, Student-Teacher, and Teacher-Interface.” Computers and Writing Conference. Menomonie, Wisconsin. May 2015.

“Tweets that Disrupt: The Rhetorical Risk and Reward of Participating in Twitter at Writing Studies Conferences.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Tampa, Florida. Forthcoming March 2015.

 “Opening the Door to Multimodal Composition: Teaching the Transference of Rhetorical Skills from Social Media to Multimodal Projects.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Indianapolis, Indiana. March 2014.

Regional Conference Presentations

“The Composition of Social Media: Perspectives on Students’ Informal Digital Writing.” With Aaron Lanser and DJ Quinn. UC [the University of California system] Writing Conference. Santa Barbara, California. October 2016.

“The Elephant in the (Class)room: Why Integrate New Media into Composition Courses.” Young Rhetoricians Conference on College Composition and Rhetoric. Monterey, California. June 2012.

“New Approaches: Engaging Critically with Social Networks in the Composition Classroom.” The 17th Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Literature and Rhetoric. Anchorage, Alaska. March 2012.

Workshop Presentations & Guest Lectures

“What ‘Counts’ in Digital Scholarship? Contributions to the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Wiki.” With Sara West, Anne Gere, Brandee Easter, Brandy Dieterle, Adrienne Raw, and Naomi Silver. Conference Workshop. Computers and Writing Conference. Findlay, Ohio. June 2017.

“Social Media as Composition: A Qualitative Study of Social Media in FYC.” Research Network Forum at the Conference on College Composition and Communication. Portland, Oregon. March 2017.

“Responding in a Participatory Culture: Audience Awareness in Parodies to Rebecca Black’s Friday.” Graduate Research Network at Computers and Writing. Pullman, Washington. June 2014.

“The Visual Rhetoric of Social Media.” UWP 12: Visual Rhetoric, University of California, Davis. May 2016.

“Using and Citing Multimodal Sources.” UWP 12: Visual Rhetoric, University of California, Davis. May 2016.

“Using for UWP 1 Portfolios.” UWP 392 (UWP 1 Instructor Training Practicum), University of California, Davis. November 2014.

“Introduction to Multimodal Composition.” English 259: Composition Studies at San Jose State University, California. November 2012.

“What is Multimodal Composition and How Can I Use It in My Classroom?” Faculty Development and Training at San Jose State University, California. August 2012.

“Using Facebook Critically in the Classroom.” English 105: Writing in Electronic Environments at San Jose State University, California.February 2012.


Courses Taught

UC Davis

  • UWP 1: Expository Writing (3 quarters, 2013-2016) I focus on developing a strong writing process, focusing one’s writing for a particular audience, and argumentation and beginning research skills.
  • UWP 1Y: Expository Writing—Hybrid (5 quarters, 2014-2016) This course takes place half online, with many activities and group exercises taking place online during the week.

San Jose State University

  • ENGL 1B: Composition 2 (3 semester courses, 2012-2013) As a research- and argument-based course, English 1B provides lots of opportunity to discuss how persuasion is all around us, even in visual and digital modes of communication.
  • ENGL 1A: Composition 1 (2 semester courses, 2011-2012) English 1A focuses on the crossover from personal to argumentative writing. I endeavored to help my students think more deeply about how social media affects their lives, both academically and outside school walls.

Teaching Assistantships

UC Davis

  • UWP 12: Visual Rhetoric and Writing (3 quarters, 2014-2016) This course explores the overlap of design principles and writing, and serves as a prerequisite for design majors in various design disciplines such as graphic design and product design.

Writing Center Experience

Tutor and Instructor at San Jose State’s Language Development Center (2010 – 2012). I worked as a tutor and instructor a diverse group of Basic Writing students, including upper-division students who needed extra help to succeed.


Service to the Field

Review Board, PraxisWiki Section, Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy (February 2015-Present).

Computers and Writing Conference Final Decision Peer Reviewer (January 2017)

Computers and Writing Conference Early Draft Feedback Volunteer (November 2016)

Service to the University and Department

Co-Chair, Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies Designated Emphasis Research Group (UC Davis, Fall 2016-Present)
Organized biweekly meetings for students enrolled in the designated emphasis in writing, rhetoric, and composition studies. Provided opportunities for professional development and feedback for students within the designated emphasis.

Co-Chair, Rhetoric@Davis/Rhetoric in the Disciplines Research Cluster (UC Davis, Fall 2014-Spring 2016)
Invited nationally recognized speakers to come to UC Davis, including Cheryl E. Ball and Sarah J. Arroyo. Organized and promoted their visits to campus. This cluster was awarded $2000 in 2014 and $5,000 in 2015 from the UC Davis Humanities Institute.

Co-Chair, Education Graduate Student Association (UC Davis, Jan 2014-Dec 2014). Planned and lead meetings with the goal of organizing student-led initiatives to help students have a voice in the school of education. Attended campus-wide Graduate Student Association meetings.

Graduate Representative, Composition Committee (San Jose State University, Spring Semester 2013). Contributed to faculty conversations and decisions about FYC courses at SJSU. Helped decide on course-wide exam prompts and course policies (as a voting member of the committee).

Co-Chair, Christian Grads Fellowship (UC Davis, 2016-2017). Planned and organized leadership meetings, Bible studies, socials, and other events to support graduate students. Oversaw the leadership team.

Outreach & Service Coordinator, Christian Grads Fellowship (UC Davis, 2015-2016, 2017-2018). Developed strategies for helping Christian graduate students find our organization and feel supported through its activities.