Ph.D. Education: Language, Literacy, and Culture (Conferred July 2019)
Designated Emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies
University of California, Davis (Davis, CA)

Dissertation: “Teaching Rhetorical Strategies Through Social Media: A Qualitative Study of FYC Instructors and Students”

Committee: Carl Whithaus (Chair), Cynthia Carter Ching, Amber Buck (University of Alabama)

M.A. English (December 2013)
Unofficial Emphasis in Composition Studies
San José State University (San José, CA)

B.A. English (June 2010)
Emphasis in Shakespeare
Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA)


Adjunct Professor, English Department, Solano Community College (2018-present, 2 semesters)

   ENGL 2:  Critical Thinking and Writing about Literature (2 semesters)

  • Designed and implemented syllabus, assignments, and lessons for intro literature course
  • Designed interactive activities to engage students in reflective learning
  • Brought diverse viewpoints to the forefront in classroom discussion

ENGL 1:  College Composition (1 semester)

  • Designed interactive transfer-level composition course focused on thinking about writing as a concept and skill
  • Engaged students in critical thinking about prior experience
  • Assigned primary and secondary research projects

 Associate Instructor & Teaching Assistant, University Writing Program, University of California, Davis (2013-2018, 15 quarters)

    UWP 1: Expository Writing (Associate Instructor, 5 quarters)

  • Designed and implemented syllabus, assignments, and lessons for first-year writing
  • Worked with large ELL student populations to expand language skills and rhetorical skills
  • Arranged course content to meet programmatic learning outcomes and meet students’ needs

   UWP 1Y: Expository Writing—Hybrid Version (Associate Instructor, 6 quarters)

  • Designed and implemented online activities in multiple learning management systems
  • Used a variety of technologies in-class and between classes to enhance student learning
  • Met program learning outcomes through implementation of online modules

    UWP 12: Writing and Visual Rhetoric (Teaching Assistant, 4 quarters)

  • Assisted teaching lectures and engaged students in small-group discussion
  • Led several discussion sections each term with lively activities, discussions, and lectures
  • Collaborated on assignment design, rubric design, norming, and writing assessment
  • Worked with students to develop strong analytical writing and media-rich visual projects

Teaching Associate, English Department, San José State University(2011-2013, 4 semesters)

    ENGL 1A: Composition I (2 semesters)

  • Developed and taught for this introductory writing course for first-year students
  • Worked closely with a large ELL population
  • Taught various genres including personal essays, problem essays, and reflective writing

   ENGL 1B: Composition II (2 semesters)

  • Developed and taught this second-semester writing course for first-year students
  • Taught and scaffolded research papers, including library research and source integration
  • Integrated a variety of literacy skills: critical thinking, visual rhetoric, oral presentation skills

Developmental Writing Tutor and Instructor, Language Development Center, San José State University (2010-2012, 4 semesters)

   Activity Section for LLD 1: Academic English 1 (4 semesters)

  • Worked with a diverse group of developmental writing students, 1-2 students at a time
  • Worked closely with several students who won the most-improved award from their instructor
  • Helped students understandtheir writing, rather than merely correcting it for them

   Activity Section for LLD 2: Academic English 2 (3 semesters)

  • Taught small classes of 6-10 students using engaging activities and lessons
  • Encouraged students under high-pressure circumstances to help them trust themselves
  • Helped students successfully meet university-level academic reading and writing requirements

   Activity Section for LLD/ENGL 100A: Writing Competency through Genres (2 semesters)

  • Tutored developmental writing students trying to enter upper-division status by passing LLD/ENGL 100A
  • Taught grammar skills, negotiated linguistic barriers, and helped students succeed

Undergraduate TA, English Department, Santa Clara University (2007, 1 quarter)

   ENGL 20: Introduction to Literary Studies (Peer Educator/Undergraduate TA)

  • Led discussion and held office hours in the English major introductory course
  • Taught basic theories of literary analysis and engaged students in thoughtful discussions


Service to the Field

PraxisWiki Editorial Review Board, Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy (February 2015-Present)
Editorial Reviewer, Computers and Writing Conference Proceedings (2018)
Final Decision Reviewer
, Computers and Writing Conference (2016, 2017)
Early Draft Feedback Reviewer, Computers and Writing Conference (2016, 2017)

Service to the Campus

Co-Chair, Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies PhD Designated Emphasis Research & Feedback Group (2016-2018)

University Writing Program, University of California, Davis

  • Coordinated events to develop community for the students and faculty of the Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies doctoral program at UC Davis
  • Led workshops and invited and coordinated faculty giving workshops for doctoral students

Co-Chair, Rhetoric@Davis Research Cluster & Speaker Series (2014-2016)

Davis Humanities Institute, University of California, Davis

  • Collaborated with leadership committee and coordinated with various departments and campuses to invite speakers to campus on rhetoric topics
  • Coordinated all details of speakers’ visits, including schedule, room reservations, promotion, etc.

Co-Chair, Education Graduate Student Association at UC Davis (2014-2015)

School of Education, University of California, Davis

  • Coordinated the graduate student leadership board for the UCD School of Education
  • Coordinated relations between the Education student body and the School of Education

Graduate Representative, Composition Committee (Spring Semester 2013)

English Department, San Jose State University 

  • Discussed and voted on department-wide policies and selected composition exam prompts


Coad, David T. (September 2017). “‘That’s My Face to the Whole Field!” Graduate Students’ Professional Identity-Building through Twitter at a Writing Studies Conference” Computers and Composition, 45.

Coad, David T.; Curtis, Kelly; Cook, Jonathan; & Harris, Katherine D. (November 2013). “BeardStair: A Student-Run Digital Humanities Project.” The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, 4.

Coad, David T. (August 2013). “Developing Critical Literacy and Critical Thinking through Facebook.” PraxisWiki Section,Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, 17.1.


Refereed National Conference Presentations

“A Pedagogy of Sociality: Building a More Nuanced Understanding of Social Media in First-Year Composition.” Computers and Writing Conference. Findlay, Ohio. June 2017.

“What ‘Counts’ in Digital Scholarship? Contributions to the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Wiki.” With Sara West, Anne Gere, Brandee Easter, Brandy Dieterle, Adrienne Raw, and Naomi Silver. Conference Workshop. Computers and Writing Conference. Findlay, Ohio. June 2017.

“Tweeting to Connect: Graduate Students’ Professional Identity- and Community-Building and How WPAs Can Help.”The Council of Writing Program Administrators. Raleigh, North Carolina. July 2016.

“Dual Identities as Digital Literacies: Student-Writer, Student-Teacher, and Teacher-Interface.” Computers and Writing Conference. Menomonie, Wisconsin. May 2015.

“Tweets that Disrupt: The Rhetorical Risk and Reward of Participating in Twitter at Writing Studies Conferences.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Tampa, Florida. Forthcoming March 2015.

“Opening the Door to Multimodal Composition: Teaching the Transference of Rhetorical Skills from Social Media to Multimodal Projects.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Indianapolis, Indiana. March 2014.

Regional Conference Presentations

“The Composition of Social Media: Perspectives on Students’ Informal Digital Writing.” With Aaron Lanser and DJ Quinn. UC [the University of California system] Writing Conference. Santa Barbara, California. October 2016.

“The Elephant in the (Class)room: Why Integrate New Media into Composition Courses.” Young Rhetoricians Conference on College Composition and Rhetoric. Monterey, California. June 2012.

“New Approaches: Engaging Critically with Social Networks in the Composition Classroom.” The 17thAnnual Pacific Rim Conference on Literature and Rhetoric. Anchorage, Alaska. March 2012.

Professional Development Led & Invited Lectures

 “Using for UWP 1 Portfolios.”UWP 392 (UWP 1 Instructor Training Practicum), University of California, Davis. November 2014.

“Introduction to Multimodal Composition.” English 259: Composition Studies at San José State University, California. November 2012.

“What is Multimodal Composition and How Can I Use It in My Classroom?” Faculty Professional Development and Training, San José State University, California. August 2012.

“Using Facebook Critically in the English Classroom.” English 105: Writing in Electronic Environments at San José State University, California. February 2012.